Another day, another hashtag

The latest breaking news of two unarmed African American men murdered by police officers less than 48 hours apart devastates so many in this country. Confused and angry due to disappointing actions of law enforcement.

Many are shattered and broken by the reoccurring deaths of innocent citizens. Citizens that are profiled and emasculated highly because of their melanin for a starter and perhaps for not owning a business, wearing nice slacks with a shirt and tie, and driving a benz. Individuals that we often find to face their struggles and play the cards they were dealt in this world.

People are left puzzled and fearful that this cruel cycle will never end. Placed in an odd spot to question who’s name will it be next. Meditating on how easily it could be a husband, son, brother, cousin, or uncle’s name behind the next trending hashtag crying out for justice.



It’s painful and tiring to wake up to what is suppose to be a beautiful day, and see a timeline filled with hashtags and condolences, and even more painful to see individuals with no remorse make excuses and justifying why innocent men are being killed in what appears to be cold blood. Because six shots is a lot to say it’s anything other than just that.

It would be nice to say there will be no more hashtags after #michaelmoore #altonsterling #philandocastile and the agony would slowly drift away.

Our sad reality is that there will be more hashtags if we don’t stop being a slave to the justice system. We must come to terms and understand that the system isn’t broken it was never created to fairly fit people with color.

To overcome we must fight together for a system that will protect us: our sons, brothers, cousins, and uncles to avoid typing another name as a hashtag.



Bullies behind the Keyboard

By now you should know that I like to blog about issues that occur on college campuses, so this week I will talk about the University of Missouri and its issues. In the last few days you may have seen #prayforMizzou trending and another hashtag that has been used frequently #blacklivesmatter on your timelines on different social mediums. These hashtags are currently trending because of the unbelievable attention of the serious matters at this campus.

As a college student in 2015 you really don’t think about racism or even encountering it, but sadly there are some people who still hold hatred ways in their hearts. African American students at the University of Missouri have traveled near and far for better opportunities and a better life, but this week that travel turned to a fight for their lives.

Some of you may be familiar with the network Yik Yak. Yik Yak is were you can post anything you like in your area and anybody in your location is able to see what you have posted, and the catch is no one knows who you are. Post are made completely anonymous. Well with everything going on at the college with racism some people there thought it would be cool to run to Yik Yak to send out racist threats. Threats that caused students there to fear for their lives. Threats so scary that many feared being safe attending class.

Whether if the individual that sent out this post meant for it or took it to be a joke, it was wrong.

Some people in this generation think it’s okay to sit behind their phones or computer, and say mean inappropriate things that are hurtful. The truth about social networks is that nothing ever goes away and every thing you do on the internet can be linked back to you with just a little research.

In no way, shape, form or fashion is it okay to think it’s cool to put fear in people, and it’s surely not acceptable to play about people’s lives.

Dead Things Must Go

It’s now fall. Fall is a season of many changes. During this season the leaves changes from green, to red, and yellow. Just as we see the leaves changing during this time we often see people around us changing as well.

This season is a season of reminder for me. A constant reminder that things around me are changing. Some things in this season are changing for the better and some things are not so good. Rapper J.Cole speaks on the change of people around us in his song Lost Ones.


As I look around at the trees when I am driving along the highway or when I look out back in my yard it reminds me too that it is okay to let go of dead things. When something is said to be dead we know that it no longer has life.

Trees stand to remind us that it is fine to let go of dead things in our lives. It comes to the time where we must understand the power of letting go of things that no longer belong attached to us.

In this season, you may experience difficult times. Times that you may think you don’t see yourself overcoming, but no matter how difficult your situation might be the leaves shedding reminds us throughout this season that it is only temporary.

In this season that you are in you must be aware that you are going to lose some people on the way, but remember that not everyone is intended to go with you on your journey in life.

Let’s Not Stress

Stress is the feeling we have when under pressure, while stressors are the things we respond to in our environment. Everyone feels stress at sometime in their week. I’m also aware that stressing sometimes is the only way some of us get assignments done, but wouldn’t you like to finish something in time without a little stress?

There are many signs known signs of stress. A lot of these signs are physical. Some responses are headaches and body pains, emotional  it can be through fear or sadness, and mental one can suffer from anxiety.

The major issue with stress is that it has the ability to change the whole body and how it functions in this state, and it really becomes a problem when it’s hard for the body to go back to its natural state after a load of stress.

It’s certainly coming to that time of the year where everyone is walking around talking about how they are stressed from this class to that class, and no to mention the stress that we encounter throughout the day with personal issues in life.

For greater peace and comfort we all must learn how to manage stress.

As a college student I constantly search for ways to reduce stress, because I know stress and I don’t get along. One thing that has been very beneficial to eliminating the level of stress I endure has been avoiding procrastination. A lot of people like to say they are the best when it comes to procrastinating but the truth is it’s way more stressful. It also helps when you set certain goals for yourself to meet by a deadline to cut down on being stressed.

When dealing with stress it’s important that you take care of your body. You can do this by getting a little exercise in, and exercising can also improve your mood. Here are some helpful tips for exercising when dealing with a high level of stress.

In a World Full of Trends

From following the trending topic on social networks to following trends in fashion, no matter where you are in our world something is trending.

The dictionary defines a trend to be what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time.

Trends come and go, and sometimes we even see trends repeat.

Our generation seems to be heavily influenced by trends.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a trendsetter or following the latest trend, but in a world full of trends are you still able to single yourself out.

Some of us are so wrapped in to trends and following what others do that we forget that it is okay to be different and unique.

Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower? 

At this point you may just be thinking about trends when it comes to clothing, but trends can go far beyond clothing. A trendsetter is one that sets out to be different and makes it known that they are capable of creating their own sense of style. This individual isn’t afraid to stand out at anytime. It is proven that is more beneficial to set your own trends that to follow trends. A trendsetter’s concept should be unique and innovative.

In a world full of trends one is force to decide will they follow the crowd every time or will he or she step out and march to the beat of his or her own drum. Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled to receive a better outcome for you and your future.

Living in a world full of trends can be challenging and competitive. If it’s not you, it is someone you know very well struggling with their identity and fighting to know who we are because they are surround ding by so many trends and they are battling to figure out what trend fits them.

In today’s society we have way too many followers and not enough leaders, and it is become more and more accepting. We allow the trends we follow on social mediums to dictate our real lives and control our emotions and our opinions of our appearance.

Improving Your Study Habits

cover The results of a successful study session. The best reward after you have studied long and hard to prepare for a test. Sometimes you have to switch up your routine to get the results you want to see.

sad  After you get your test results back from your instructor you may start to evaluate your study habits and search for a better method to improve your grades in the class.


It helps to reach out to a classmate to learn how to better obtain information for the class. Studying with a classmate can trigger relevant material that you may have overlooked while studying alone. Group participation can enhance one’s critical thinking process and also keep you on task.

gr Before you take the initial step to demand change in your study habits to get better results you may continue to see grades that don’t reflect your knowledge of the material you have learned.

happy Improving your study skills can help to improve your grades. Never be afraid of change and never be afraid to seek help. Whether if you have to reach out to a classmate for help or spend many countless hours with a tutor helping to prepare you better or an exam it is all worth it in the end when you find yourself excelling in the classroom.

The Buzz Goes Pink

Because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I want to dedicate this post to my Aunt Alice who lost her life to breast cancer whom I miss and love dearly.

“Love many, trust few, and keep God near you.” – Alice Mae Smith

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is an annual campaign targeted to increase awareness of breast cancer.

A pink ribbon brings awareness to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is proven to be an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. This form of cancer is the second most common cancer discovered in American women. Studies prove that about every 1 in 8 women born in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The fight against Breast Cancer has many supporters.

$6 billion is set aside for research and awareness campaigns every year.

One organization is the American Cancer Society. The name of the campaign is Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Awareness. This organization is the largest organization with events for breast cancer in the nation. Every event is encouraging and inspiring to honor those who have battled with breast cancer. This event was put together as a move- along -a -thon to move the fight against breast cancer forward. This organization is founded on passion. Passion drives them to walk miles and miles to fight against the breast cancer and to fight for those many have lost to breast cancer.

This organization works everyday to make a difference to break the silence of breast cancer by spreading awareness and encouraging people to get involved and join the fight.

This organization has been saving lives for 100 years. The more walkers they get to join the fight, the more survivors we have celebrating their birthdays. American Cancer Society spreads awareness by providing helpful tips to develop prevention.

Nothingbutbuzzwithbee wears pink for Alice Mae Smith, survivors, and fighters of breast cancer.

What Is Your Company?

By now we all know that you are known to be the company you keep, but have you ever thought to question what company you are to your peers. It is essential to evaluate the company you keep throughout your life and even more important to focus on your character as company.

The company you keep reflects your personality. It really is true that you are just as good as the company you keep. The company you keep should be those that motivate you to do great things in life and those that are up lifting. Your friends should be a reflection of you when you are with them and even when you are not with them. Who you associate yourself with says a lot about you and what you stand for as a person. It is said that it is better to be alone and accomplishing great things than to be with bad company and achieving nothing at all.

The truth is we as people judge people off of perception. If we don’t fully know someone we try to gather who they maybe by who they are associated with at the time. Not at all times are we exactly like the people we hang around but that is the idea other individuals form, and that is why it is extremely important to monitor the company you keep. Often we hear “birds of the feather flock together.” This simple means if your friend is known for having a potty mouth, then you most likely have a potty mouth as well. Keeping bad company can ruin your image and distance many people from you.

The company we keep can have a strong influence on our minds. We often do what they do and think as they do when it comes to certain situations. As you grow older is valuable to keep likeminded people in your circle. As you journey to be great you need individuals to surround you that are climbing to the top to reach their goals.

The company you keep says a lot about you!

Buzzing About Growth

Growth is such an amazing thing. Like really it amazes me to look around and see how the trees and the flowers around my home have grown, but I’m even more stunned when I look at people and see their growth. Well yes, it is certainly interesting to see how differently we grow up, but I find it very striking to witness the growth of an individual in their lifestyle.

Just think about when you first came to college I’m sure we all have some things we did that now we see as childish and some us probably question a lot of things about our behavior back then. It’s okay to think these things because those are signs of growth. Growth is defined as a positive change in size over a period of time. A lot of us like to measure how far our hair has grown in a time period and some people are more concerned with measuring their height. However, you can also measure many other things about yourself when buzzing about growth. It can be as simple as looking back at your tweets and your personality. You know, remember those tweets where you said any and everything that came to your mind on Twitter, but now as a person and with growth you probably see that everything doesn’t need a reaction and for you to state your opinion.

Everyone doesn’t experience the same growth in our lives because we are all unique and different in our own special way, and face different obstacles that causes us to grow different. Here at college we all have decided to take a step towards a better and brighter future to achieve our dreams. On this journey many of us start to discover who we are and grow as that person.

As you grow as an individual it is important to avoid people that will stunt your growth. We all make mistakes and making mistakes can help us grow. When one is working on their growth it’s essential to

watch the company they keep to reframe from going back down the road of the same mistake.

Anytime you are working to improve yourself you are growing towards a better you. Do what you need to do to make you better. Don’t get caught in following the crowd because you are different, and you were born to stand out.

Now Is Your Time

If you watched the Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech football game you probably saw J.C. Coleman a running back for Virginia Tech sporting a gold Rolex watch on the field. Viewers from this game were very shocked and some joked about him wearing a watch on the field, but what many didn’t understand that the watch was a symbol for Coleman. People were shocked at the piece and even voiced their thoughts about him wearing a Rolex during a game on social mediums, but Coleman showed up with the watch on to remind himself that it is his time. Now everyone that tuned into the game knows that it is his time as well.

Time indicates that one is expecting a big change in an event.  We know time to be one of the most fundamental structures of the world.  Time allows us to measure every event that has happened or will happen. You may be reading this thinking about the changes that you are preparing yourself for in your life.You may find yourself needing an extra boost to push yourself to reaching what you desire. It’s okay to elevate yourself and raise your expectations during this process. Keep living your life day by day and avoid stressing about the little things because it is your time.

It is your time to go after all the things that have your name on it. It is already yours, so go claim what is yours. It’s your time to prove to yourself that you can do what you thought was impossible. Prove to yourself that you can do what you thought you would never do. It is your time to release whatever is holding you back to accomplish your goals.

It may be your time to finally go after that 4.0 gpa you have been trying to make since you enrolled in college. You can do it because you know it is your time and you know the time is now. Sometimes we just need to state to ourselves what we truly want and focus on getting whatever it may be at the appropriate time in our life.