Now Is Your Time

If you watched the Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech football game you probably saw J.C. Coleman a running back for Virginia Tech sporting a gold Rolex watch on the field. Viewers from this game were very shocked and some joked about him wearing a watch on the field, but what many didn’t understand that the watch was a symbol for Coleman. People were shocked at the piece and even voiced their thoughts about him wearing a Rolex during a game on social mediums, but Coleman showed up with the watch on to remind himself that it is his time. Now everyone that tuned into the game knows that it is his time as well.

Time indicates that one is expecting a big change in an event.  We know time to be one of the most fundamental structures of the world.  Time allows us to measure every event that has happened or will happen. You may be reading this thinking about the changes that you are preparing yourself for in your life.You may find yourself needing an extra boost to push yourself to reaching what you desire. It’s okay to elevate yourself and raise your expectations during this process. Keep living your life day by day and avoid stressing about the little things because it is your time.

It is your time to go after all the things that have your name on it. It is already yours, so go claim what is yours. It’s your time to prove to yourself that you can do what you thought was impossible. Prove to yourself that you can do what you thought you would never do. It is your time to release whatever is holding you back to accomplish your goals.

It may be your time to finally go after that 4.0 gpa you have been trying to make since you enrolled in college. You can do it because you know it is your time and you know the time is now. Sometimes we just need to state to ourselves what we truly want and focus on getting whatever it may be at the appropriate time in our life.


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