Buzzing About Growth

Growth is such an amazing thing. Like really it amazes me to look around and see how the trees and the flowers around my home have grown, but I’m even more stunned when I look at people and see their growth. Well yes, it is certainly interesting to see how differently we grow up, but I find it very striking to witness the growth of an individual in their lifestyle.

Just think about when you first came to college I’m sure we all have some things we did that now we see as childish and some us probably question a lot of things about our behavior back then. It’s okay to think these things because those are signs of growth. Growth is defined as a positive change in size over a period of time. A lot of us like to measure how far our hair has grown in a time period and some people are more concerned with measuring their height. However, you can also measure many other things about yourself when buzzing about growth. It can be as simple as looking back at your tweets and your personality. You know, remember those tweets where you said any and everything that came to your mind on Twitter, but now as a person and with growth you probably see that everything doesn’t need a reaction and for you to state your opinion.

Everyone doesn’t experience the same growth in our lives because we are all unique and different in our own special way, and face different obstacles that causes us to grow different. Here at college we all have decided to take a step towards a better and brighter future to achieve our dreams. On this journey many of us start to discover who we are and grow as that person.

As you grow as an individual it is important to avoid people that will stunt your growth. We all make mistakes and making mistakes can help us grow. When one is working on their growth it’s essential to

watch the company they keep to reframe from going back down the road of the same mistake.

Anytime you are working to improve yourself you are growing towards a better you. Do what you need to do to make you better. Don’t get caught in following the crowd because you are different, and you were born to stand out.


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