What Is Your Company?

By now we all know that you are known to be the company you keep, but have you ever thought to question what company you are to your peers. It is essential to evaluate the company you keep throughout your life and even more important to focus on your character as company.

The company you keep reflects your personality. It really is true that you are just as good as the company you keep. The company you keep should be those that motivate you to do great things in life and those that are up lifting. Your friends should be a reflection of you when you are with them and even when you are not with them. Who you associate yourself with says a lot about you and what you stand for as a person. It is said that it is better to be alone and accomplishing great things than to be with bad company and achieving nothing at all.

The truth is we as people judge people off of perception. If we don’t fully know someone we try to gather who they maybe by who they are associated with at the time. Not at all times are we exactly like the people we hang around but that is the idea other individuals form, and that is why it is extremely important to monitor the company you keep. Often we hear “birds of the feather flock together.” This simple means if your friend is known for having a potty mouth, then you most likely have a potty mouth as well. Keeping bad company can ruin your image and distance many people from you.

The company we keep can have a strong influence on our minds. We often do what they do and think as they do when it comes to certain situations. As you grow older is valuable to keep likeminded people in your circle. As you journey to be great you need individuals to surround you that are climbing to the top to reach their goals.

The company you keep says a lot about you!


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