Dead Things Must Go

It’s now fall. Fall is a season of many changes. During this season the leaves changes from green, to red, and yellow. Just as we see the leaves changing during this time we often see people around us changing as well.

This season is a season of reminder for me. A constant reminder that things around me are changing. Some things in this season are changing for the better and some things are not so good. Rapper J.Cole speaks on the change of people around us in his song Lost Ones.


As I look around at the trees when I am driving along the highway or when I look out back in my yard it reminds me too that it is okay to let go of dead things. When something is said to be dead we know that it no longer has life.

Trees stand to remind us that it is fine to let go of dead things in our lives. It comes to the time where we must understand the power of letting go of things that no longer belong attached to us.

In this season, you may experience difficult times. Times that you may think you don’t see yourself overcoming, but no matter how difficult your situation might be the leaves shedding reminds us throughout this season that it is only temporary.

In this season that you are in you must be aware that you are going to lose some people on the way, but remember that not everyone is intended to go with you on your journey in life.


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