Bullies behind the Keyboard

By now you should know that I like to blog about issues that occur on college campuses, so this week I will talk about the University of Missouri and its issues. In the last few days you may have seen #prayforMizzou trending and another hashtag that has been used frequently #blacklivesmatter on your timelines on different social mediums. These hashtags are currently trending because of the unbelievable attention of the serious matters at this campus.

As a college student in 2015 you really don’t think about racism or even encountering it, but sadly there are some people who still hold hatred ways in their hearts. African American students at the University of Missouri have traveled near and far for better opportunities and a better life, but this week that travel turned to a fight for their lives.

Some of you may be familiar with the network Yik Yak. Yik Yak is were you can post anything you like in your area and anybody in your location is able to see what you have posted, and the catch is no one knows who you are. Post are made completely anonymous. Well with everything going on at the college with racism some people there thought it would be cool to run to Yik Yak to send out racist threats. Threats that caused students there to fear for their lives. Threats so scary that many feared being safe attending class.

Whether if the individual that sent out this post meant for it or took it to be a joke, it was wrong.

Some people in this generation think it’s okay to sit behind their phones or computer, and say mean inappropriate things that are hurtful. The truth about social networks is that nothing ever goes away and every thing you do on the internet can be linked back to you with just a little research.

In no way, shape, form or fashion is it okay to think it’s cool to put fear in people, and it’s surely not acceptable to play about people’s lives.


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