Another day, another hashtag

The latest breaking news of two unarmed African American men murdered by police officers less than 48 hours apart devastates so many in this country. Confused and angry due to disappointing actions of law enforcement.

Many are shattered and broken by the reoccurring deaths of innocent citizens. Citizens that are profiled and emasculated highly because of their melanin for a starter and perhaps for not owning a business, wearing nice slacks with a shirt and tie, and driving a benz. Individuals that we often find to face their struggles and play the cards they were dealt in this world.

People are left puzzled and fearful that this cruel cycle will never end. Placed in an odd spot to question who’s name will it be next. Meditating on how easily it could be a husband, son, brother, cousin, or uncle’s name behind the next trending hashtag crying out for justice.



It’s painful and tiring to wake up to what is suppose to be a beautiful day, and see a timeline filled with hashtags and condolences, and even more painful to see individuals with no remorse make excuses and justifying why innocent men are being killed in what appears to be cold blood. Because six shots is a lot to say it’s anything other than just that.

It would be nice to say there will be no more hashtags after #michaelmoore #altonsterling #philandocastile and the agony would slowly drift away.

Our sad reality is that there will be more hashtags if we don’t stop being a slave to the justice system. We must come to terms and understand that the system isn’t broken it was never created to fairly fit people with color.

To overcome we must fight together for a system that will protect us: our sons, brothers, cousins, and uncles to avoid typing another name as a hashtag.



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