I Am Not Dead, Just YET


This week’s buzz from bee is all about whether or not if we are watching the death of newspapers right in front of our very own eyes

Newspapers as we knew it to be in most homes were apart of morning routine. Either it was a part of mom or dad’s morning coffee or the first stop heading out swinging by a newspaper stand. As we reflect on this moment, we may stumble over the thought of how that routine has changed across the world in many homes today. Mornings now a days in the average home aren’t started with a flip of a newspaper, but for sure with a click, like, and share of the latest news around us all because of internet. It is no secret that newspapers have faced a decline over time and the internet is a tremendous threat to its existence. Challenging question that is but all and all newspapers are still around and not extinct.

The very foundation of the American newspaper can be traced back to the late 1600s and  still finds its self relevant in today’s society. Several columns ranging from local news to common interest columns such as fashion and gardening, and even expanding out to political issues nationwide. As times has changed and technology has advanced the question of its relevance plagues many conversations of its very existence.  With the existence of the generaltional era or whom could be referred to as the baby-boomers is beyond reasonable to argue the relevance of the newspaper. With the existence of the baby-boomer generation it is seemingly apparent that the newspaper is still relevant today and will be for more years to come. Millennials may argue that the newspaper is phasing out and someday will become obsolete, but for the baby-boomers its apart of their very fabric.

The survival of traditional newspaper is texted from day to day, but it still finds a way to thrive. The decline in newspapers has been widely debated. Though there are less subscriptions than ever before. The newspaper industry finds a way to adjust by making effort to step over in the post-print world. For smaller news industries this may come as a challenge, but for known newspapers such as The New York Times and Washington Post they have gained many internet subscribers.