Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the most important things to do throughout your journey in life. Investing in yourself is a guaranteed investment that you can depend on. It’s easy to put money on yourself, time, and energy into you, and know that you will not let yourself down. To invest in yourself is finally putting yourself first. When you invest in yourself you make sure you do what is essential for a great future. To invest in yourself is simply to make your life a better life to live. When you set your mind to invest in yourself you will instantly see changes in your life. Many may think that investing in yourself requires money, but no it just requires your effort. You are bound to get out more than what you put in, so it’s worth the investment.

3 Ways to Invest in Yourself in College 

  • Do what you love – There’s something we all love to do. I’m sure someone reading this just did something they love to do. In college it’s easy to stop doing the things you love to do because of the things you have to do for class or work, but it’s important to find balance between what you love to do and what you have to do.
  • Take care of yourself – It’s good to make time for your friends and for organizations you are a member of, but it’s very important that you make time for yourself. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught in what’s going on around us that we forget about things set on our own agenda. Make sure you are handling your business and staying on track with your career path. Take care of yourself by making sure you stay healthy physically and spiritually.
  • Discover your needs – It’s okay that some people don’t know what’s coming their way in the next few years. Working now to discover your needs can be very helpful and make it a little clear to see down the road. Figure out what it is that you need to lead you to a successful you with a successful career.

There are many ways to invest in yourself in college and outside of college. Not everyone has the same investment plan. Your investment may  even be working this semester to get a car or maybe even an IPhone. These things maybe things you really need to get to the next job or to check on your next phone interview whatever your purpose is it’s for you and your benefits, and that’s a good investment.


Let’s Buzz about Brands

I am brand loyal to these products because I support the companies that make these products.

Brands that I am brand loyal to because they satisfy my consumer needs.

Torri Taite shows off his brand in business professional attire

Torri Taite is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, INC and is showing off his personal brand by wearing business professional attire. Torri takes pride is his personal brand, so he prepares himself for the career he desires by dressing business professional.



If someone asked you to name your top 10 brands I am sure you could do it in a blink of an eye. We know brands and we recognize them when we see them no matter where we are, especially popular brands. Many of my peers really get in to brands when it comes to fashion, and many of us witness our parents being particular about household brands. Just think about it for a second! I am sure you purchase the same brand toilet paper, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent as your parents because that is all you have seen in your house growing up. Studies prove people are brand loyal and will share their habits with family and friends. Some cultures are more brand loyal than other cultures according to studies.

When shopping majority of us want the best of the best, so we make sure we get the product that meets our satisfaction. If we find ourselves happy with the product we slightly become obsessed with the brand and stick to buying that brand.

The word brand instantly makes us think about a product by a company, but there is another brand. That brand is you!

You are a brand and you have to know you are a brand. With knowing you are a brand you have to be cautious as to how you present yourself. You have to think about what you want people to think when they hear your name. Your brand is connected to your reputation. It is important to work to have a strong personal brand.

Define your brand and build your brand doing what you love. It is essential that you know what you are building your brand around, so you don’t find yourself circling around the same block.

You only get one time to sell your brand. First impressions are everything. Guard your brand and treat it like a business every minute, second, and hour of the day. It is important to carry your brand with respect because you never know who is watching you and you never know what opportunity may be knocking at your door. Attracting a strong personal brand attracts the business you want.

One Life to Live

Growing up I always watched an soap opera with my grandmother called One Life to Live. There were 19 seasons of this show, so just imagine how much I watched this show growing up. No matter if I was watching my favorite show on Disney when noon hit I knew it was time to hand over the remote. Over the years, I grew fond of the show and even learned the characters in this soap opera.

For many of you my age this may be a show that is unheard of, but here’s a little background about the soap opera, it’s main characters, and the lifestyles they all live on the show. I personally like the show because they focus on social issues that I see daily around my friends, family, and strangers. Some the issues featured on this soap opera are stories on gang violence, interracial couples, personality disorders, drug addiction, and many other things. There are many episodes that are similar to stories you hear on the news and floating around you day to day.

This show is a constant reminder that you only have one life to live and it’s not going to happen again.

Things in life change and many things happen unexpected and that is exactly what happens in lives on One Life to Live and keeps viewers on edge and waiting on the next episode.

The title of this soap opera is very motivational and authentic. It’s your life you only have one shot at living it, so live it out to the fullest.

Life is too short to spend it doing it doing things that do not fully satisfy you. This goes for being unhappy with a job, relationships with people you love, or either goals for yourself. No matter what it is strive to find a happy place and work for your satisfaction.

Life is said to be a beautiful struggle. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but don’t let a bad day determine the life you decide to live. Live to enjoy the smooth times and the rough times.


So There’s This Guy… Or Was

When you hear “so there’s this guy” from an individual it is normally on the phone with one of your best girlfriends, at lunch, or maybe even walking to class.

Today I want to blog about how “so there’s this guy” goes to “so there was this guy” in a few weeks and sometimes in a day. Yes, a day!

When you think about hearing this line from a friend you often expect to see the excitement in her eyes. You know that look that assures you that lunch today will be about “this guy!”

The question “so tell me about this guy” comes around sooner or later. You sit and listen to all the things you hear your friend say about this guy. So far the chemistry is there between the two, but suddenly at your next lunch date she informs you that she thought he was that guy and the two of them are no longer “talking!”

There goes the word “talking!”

Today we know talking as the getting to know you stage. Talking consist of texting, chilling and having conversation in passing. During the talking stage in the beginning it starts off as getting to know each other. At this time you can consider your relationship unofficially official. This is the new and confusing term of today’s dating world. Mainly all the things you do in a relationship but without the commitment .

Now we come to the point where “is” turns into “was.” One is tired of talking and the other wants to continue to play the field, and now because of the conflict of interest the parties lose interest and the “talking” dies down and we are back at “so there’s this guy!”

This cycle will continue to happen if we as women continue to follow the traditional dating approach, the guy asking the girl. As women we can’t get to comfortable in the “talking” stage and expect a relationship when there is no chase.

We continue to hear the same lines over and over about how and why it didn’t work out, and also very frequently. This is heard often because we as women don’t always state upfront what we expect and desire from our partner. We suddenly find ourselves going with the flow which leads to bad habits. Many say “I won’t settle for less” but many still end up with less than they deserve because they just want that guy there. 



What does getting a “like” mean to you?

I know you maybe reading the title and thinking, “what is she talking about?” But yes a “like”! What is a Facebook “like” and Instagram “like” to you? Do you see it as notification of views, or is it a ego booster for you?

For many people “likes” are everything. People can post a picture they absolutely adore, but if it doesn’t reach the max for “likes” they think they deserve the picture is deleted. So the real question is, are you defined by a “like” on social media?

Many will not admit it but to a lot of people “likes” mean a lot to them on social networks, and they will do whatever it takes to gain a sum of likes. There are many sources to obtaining “likes” on sites like Instagram, better known as IG. People go the extra mile to purchase likes so that it looks like they know a lot of people and are popular.

I will admit I have been caught up in to getting “likes”. I never went to the extreme to delete pictures because I was not satisfied with the total of likes I received, though.

My confession is, I have let a “like” from Instagram control my emotions. Most of my friends know me as the selfie queen. I would much rather take a selfie over a full body picture any day. Well the problem I find with people that follow me on social networks is that I may not receive a lot of “likes” for looking cute, nice, or classy, but as soon as a club attire post is posted and a lot of skin is showing the “likes” shoot up like a rocket going outer space.

The messages we send to each other on social networks are easily read.

Sad to admit, but a lot of us read the message and agree to the terms and conditions not thinking about pride, self worth, or that job they are working to obtain in the future.

The thirst for “likes” is so real on social networks, but whether you receive 30 likes or 400, you are beautiful just the way you are and you don’t need verification from people that follow you. The only “like” you should worry about is liking yourself and the skin you are in.

Don’t stress about the “likes” and keep on posting!

The Power of Spam

If you don’t approve it, Spam It!

Having the power to spam some things you rather not see or things that aren’t appropriate is a great asset to social media.

When you think of spam you might think of the brand of meat if you are hungry enough, and if have a love for social media your mind might just channel your focus to Instagram or Facebook, but today I want you to consider spamming the unwanted negativity that tries to maneuver over in your lane when you are steering towards greatness.

Sometimes you have to be the bigger and better person in situations and man up and shout I am going to spam this because I refuse to condone such behavior.

Social media is powerful and once something hits social networks it is bound to spread like a wildfire. We often find everything to be a joke and are quick to trend a meme behind every incident big or small, but never once stop to ponder on how this is a human being that has feelings, just like us. We allow things to spiral out of control before we realize it has gone too far and deserves to be spammed.

Spam goes beyond social networks. Often we find people in our lives unworthy of our time and sincerity, and there is a point and time in our lives where we realize that or those individuals no longer serve a purpose and find them to be spam.

Who would know that hitting the spam button could make things in life a little better? If it goes against what you believe and misrepresents you, use your power and spam it!

What’s the Buzz?

As a college student, I know that there are obstacles we all battle against. Some battles are bigger than others. Everyone faces different challenges everyday. The average college student struggles with the stress of finances, the conflict of relationships, and how to balance partying with academics. Nothingbutbuzzwithbee is where you can read about the many challenges the average college student faces on their journey through college. From my journey I’ve discovered that no challenge is to challenging to discuss. I hope that this blog will feed into your sprit of devotion, motivation, and encouragement.


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